Center for Community Health and Evaluation

The Center for Community Health and Evaluation (CCHE) designs and evaluates health-related programs and initiatives throughout the United States. Our mission is to improve the health of communities through collaborative approaches to planning, assessment, and evaluation.

CCHE’s work spans qualitative research, outcome evaluations, clinical quality improvement initiatives, community assessment, logic model development, case study research, and geographic and social network analysis—all focused on boosting the success of community health initiatives, philanthropic grantmaking programs, and clinical improvement efforts. Recent CCHE projects have focused on chronic disease prevention, evaluation capacity building, policy and systems change, and assessment of sustained, broad-based community participation. Clients include foundations, health care systems, community-based nonprofits, and local, state and federal government agencies.

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Healthcare Georgia Foundation launches the Georgia Evaluation Resource Center. Over the course of two years, CCHE consulted with the Healthcare Georgia Foundation to establish a new Georgia Evaluation Resource Center (ERC), a resource to help health-related nonprofits improve their organizational or program performance and demonstrate the impact they have in their communities. CCHE helped develop several of the tools available in the Georgia ERC, Healthcare Georgia Report covers including guides to using logic models and conducting focus groups as well as a primer on conducting health impact assessments.

CCHE team members publish paper on evaluation of obesity prevention initiatives. The paper reviews the range of methods that have been used or are currently being used to evaluate community-level obesity prevention initiatives and makes recommendations about best practices, innovative approaches, and the use of common metrics to assess the impact and improve the effectiveness of obesity prevention initiatives. Commissioned by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), components of the paper are included in IOM’s new report on the topic.

Download the paper [PDF, 473KB]